First Half Fun: Arrieta Dominates on Opening Day (VIDEO)

We have no Major League baseball until Friday, so why not take a look back at an eventful first half while we wait.  First up, Jake Arrieta dominates the Angels on Opening Night to start 2016 the right way.

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Eloy Jimenez Will Haunt Your Dreams (VIDEOs)

He’s 19.

Eloy Jimenez owned the MLB Futures Game tonight, first he did it with the glove, then he eviscerated a baseball, and it was fun.

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Almora Jr. Wins it for the Cubs! (VIDEO)

Albert Almora Jr. has been in the big leagues for just about a week and a half, tonight he came up with the biggest hit of his career, a game winning double in the ninth.

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Eloy Jimenez Smacks Two Homers (VIDEO)

Eloy Jimenez is doing some pretty remarkable things as a 19 year old for the South Bend Cubs. He cracked two homers yesterday, here is video of the second one.

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Massive 2015 Cubs Draft Update (Stats, VIDEO)

Ian Happ Cubs

We are now about a month into the season, seems like a great time to take an early look back at the 2015 draft and how those players are performing in their first full professional season.

Ian Happ – OF/2B (1st Round Draft Pick, 9th Overall, 21 Years Old)
Ian Happ

Donnie Dewees – OF (2nd Round Draft Pick, 47th Overall, 22 Years Old)
Donnie Dewees

Bryan Hudson – LHP (3rd Round Draft Pick, 82nd Overall, 18 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

D.J. Wilson – OF (4th Round Draft Pick, 113th Overall, 19 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Ryan Kellogg – LHP (5th Round Draft Pick, 143rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Ryan Kellogg

David Berg – RHP (6th Round Draft Pick, 173rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
David Berg

Craig Brooks – RHP (7th Round Draft Pick, 203rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
Craig Brooks

Preston Morrison – RHP (8th Round Draft Pick, 233rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Preston Morrison

Tyler Peitzmeier – LHP (9th Round Draft Pick, 263rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Vimael Machin – SS (10th Round Draft Pick, 293rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Matt Rose – 3B (11th Round Draft Pick, 323rd Overall, 21 Years Old)
Matt Rose

P.J. Higgins – 2B (12th Round Draft Pick, 353rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
PJ Higgins

Kyle Twomey – LHP (13th Round Draft Pick, 383rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Kyle Twomey

Scott Effross – RHP (15th Round Draft Pick, 443rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Scott Effross

Michael Foster – CF (16th Round Draft Pick, 473rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Casey Bloomquist – RHP (17th Round Draft Pick, 503rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Casey Bloomquist

Kyle Miller – RHP (19th Round Draft Pick, 563rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Kyle Miller

Blake Headley – 3B (20th Round Draft Pick, 593rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Jared Cheek – RHP (21st Round Draft Pick, 623rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Alex Bautista – OF (22nd Round Draft Pick, 653rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

 John Williamson – LHP (23rd Round Draft Pick, 683rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
John Williamson

Sutton Whiting – SS (24th Round Draft Pick, 713th Overall, 23 Years Old)
Sutton Whiting

Marcus Mastrobuoni – C (25th Round Draft Pick, 743rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Angelo Amendolare – 2B (27th Round Draft Pick, 803rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
No longer with Organization

Ian Rice – C (29th Round Draft Pick, 863rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Ian Rice

Tyler Payne – C (30th Round Draft Pick, 893rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Daniel Spingola – OF (31st Round Draft Pick, 923rd Overall, 23 Years Old)
Daniel Spingola

M.T. Minacci – RHP (33rd Round Draft Pick, 983rd Overall, 20 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Donnie Cimino – OF (37th Round Draft Pick, 1103rd Overall, 22 Years Old)
Has not played in 2016 yet

Most of the players that have the “has not played in 2016 yet” note will start up in June with the Eugene Emeralds, or play in the Arizona Rookie League.  Ian Happ, and Donnie Dewees appear to be living up to their draft status as they have both started 2016 very well, the production from Happ has been impressive, and Dewees is racking up the total bases without hitting a dinger.  The trio of pitchers taken in the top 10 rounds are finding success in the early going, all three (Kellogg, Berg, and Brooks) have been awfully impressive.  It will be fun to check back in on this list down the road once all the teams get their season going, and also see the progress these guy make throughout the year.

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Prospect Files: Vogelbach Grand Slam (VIDEO)

Huge home run from Dan Vogelbach last night, a grand slam in the sixth that put Iowa in front for good.  Opposite field no less, the big man is crushing the baseball.

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Prospect Files: Albert Almora Rips a Three-Run Homer (VIDEO)

Albert Almora is having a great 2016 so far, I will speak more on that in a piece that will come out later today.  In the meantime, enjoy this frozen rope from last night.

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Prospect Files: Dan Vogelbach with an Absolute Bomb (VIDEO)

Dan Vogelbach has had a great start to the 2016 season, last night he destroyed a baseball.

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Jake Arrieta Finishes his Second No-Hitter (VIDEO)

Arrieta Nasty

Wow, that’s it, I got nothing else.  Over his last 24 regular season start Jake Arrieta is 20-1 with a 0.86 ERA, and two no-hitter, no one is better than him right now.

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Dingerpalooza 2016; Cubs Blast Five Dingers (VIDEOS)

There are some interesting things going on in Cincinnati, most of them involve Jake Arrieta and zeroes.  Taking a back seat to what Jake is doing is the support he is getting tonight, FIVE home runs from the Cubs.  Kris Bryant went deep twice, one was a grand slam, David Ross with one, Ben Zobrist with his first as a Cub, and Anthony Rizzo with one.  Enjoy the videos below.

Zobrist goes yard

David Ross launches a grandpa bomb

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