May 2014

Javier Baez Blasts Grand Slam (VIDEO)

Javier Baez came through in a big way yesterday, belting a grand slam to put Iowa in front, clearly Manny Ramirez is making a difference already…

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Kris Bryant Doing Kris Bryant Things (VIDEO)

Another night, and another Kris Bryant home run, a frozen rope to left field.  Get ready, Iowa…  Kris Bryant is coming sooner than later.


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Javier Baez is Heating Up, Destroys Baseball (VIDEO)

Ouch, that went a long way… don’t look now, but Baez is getting “Baez hot”  — could be an entertaining few weeks.

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Baez Connects, With Authority (VIDEO)

Javier Baez went deep yesterday, and you could hear that exhale all the way here in Chicag.  Baez has been struggling mightily, hopefully this is the beginning of triple-A dominance.

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Kris Bryant Crushed Home Run Number Ten Last Night (VIDEO)

Left, center, right, it doesn’t matter, Kris Bryant doesn’t discriminate when hitting home runs, he continues to mash.

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Kris Bryant Crushes HR Number Nine (VIDEO)

This was from last night, holy crap.  That ball was destroyed, and I like it.  He also hit his 10th HR of the season tonight, as soon as I have video, I will post it!

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Kris Bryant Has a Huge Night (VIDEO of Both HR’s)

Kris Bryant is getting bored with AA pitching, he went off tonight, or last night technically.  Bryant had three hits, a double, and two home runs, the double just missed being his third home run of the game.  He added a walk, and six RBI’s for good measure, the kid is impressive.

Two opposite field bombs, and that was easy power.  Excite!

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Szczur Saves Rusin’s No-Hitter! (VIDEO)

What a great catch given the circumstances, but nothing new for Matt Szczur, he is a human highlight reel in centerfield.  Great job, Chris Rusin, hat tip to you, Matt Szczur!


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