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Cubs no hit streak contest; Standings!

DeJesus winner

We had to wait all the way to the third inning before David DeJesus extended the streak.  There was some discussion about the hit as the play could have been ruled an error, but the official scorer smiled on those who picked DeJesus and left it as a hit.  The standings are below, and they are getting crowded at the top, get your picks in for today’s game!  Good luck!

8-8 standings (1)

8-8 standings (2)

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Cubs no hit streak contest; Standings!

Lake 8-3

What else is new?  Junior Lake took the first pitch of the game and roped it into left field to give a number of players three points.  Lake has now extended the streak three times since the contest started on 8/1, below are the standings through last nights game.  Quick turnaround as the Cubs and Phillies get things going at 11:35 AM CST, so get your picks in!

8-7 standings (1)

8-7 standings (2)

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Cubs no hit streak contest; Standings!

No hit pic 8-6

Only two people selected Nate Schierholtz, only one person picked him in the second inning, Nate gets no love.  Because of the dry day for most people the standings stayed pretty much the same with only a few movers, get you picks in for today, and good luck!

8-6 standings (1)


8-6 standings (2)


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Cubs no hit streak; Standings!

Lake 8-3

Junior Lake is a popular choice in the no hit streak contest, as he should be.  Lake got things started for the Cubs again yesterday making Junior Lake the correct choice in two out of the three games so far.  Only two participants are perfect through three games, @WesJameson11, and @FWKRT have both picked the correct player and inning of all three games.  There is a long way to go, but currently they are both tied atop the standings, get your picks in for today, 1:20 PM CST first pitch, good luck!

CNHS 8-4 standings 1

CNHS 8-4 standings 2

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Cubs no hit streak contest; Standings

Only three people successfully picked the correct player and inning both days, awfully hard to do, and very impressive.  Here are the full standings through August 2nd, long way to go.

no hit standings 8-2 (1)


no hit standings 8-2 (2)


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The Cubs no hit streak; August 2nd RESULTS

DeJesus winner

David DeJesus wasted no time today as he laced a lead-off single to give a few lucky contestants three big points.  Here are the results from today, I will send out an updated standings post shortly!

no hit streak 8-2 results (1)

no hit streak 8-2 results (2)

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The Cubs no hit streak; August 2nd Picks

Just a handful of people didn’t submit their picks today.  If you didn’t submit your pick today, no worries, we are playing based on points so you can easily make it up tomorrow, just remember to submit your pick tomorrow!  Good luck!

8-2no hit picks (1)


8-2no hit picks (2)


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The Cubs no hit streak; August 1st picks

We believe in transparency here, so below is a list of who picked who from yesterday, we will post this daily so everyone can follow along.  We are human, so if you think you see an error please let us know, you won’t hurt our feelings.

8-1 no hit picks (1)


8-1 no hit picks (2)


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The Cubs no hit streak contest is off and running

Lake no hit

Yesterday was a fun day as myself, @CubsNoHitStreak and @CubicSnarkonia officially opened the Cubs no hit streak contest on twitter.  We were blown away with the response as 68 fans entered the August contest, bravo Twitterverse.  If you would like to get caught up on the contest please head over to World Series Dreaming to read the rules page, you can still get in for the September contest!

With one swing of the bat Junior Lake put 16 people into a tie for first place, a lot of people were all over Junior Lake last night, see that, we have very smart fans!  The standings can change quickly however (2 points for correct player, 1 point for correct inning) so it will be a battle to the end.  Remember, there are two ways to enter your pick each day after the lineup is released. One, you can tweet your player, and inning with #nohitstreakcontest somewhere in your tweet so we can track it, or two, you can email and we will grab your selection there.  If you do email, please be sure to give us your twitter handle, player and inning.

Quite the start boys and girls, this should be a fun ride!  Just a reminder, Cubs start at 3:05 PM CST today, please have your pick in to us before then, we will post the lineup as soon as it is out, thanks again for playing!


Twitter Handle Total Points
@ChiTownSwag24_7 0
@harrypav 0
@brantparsons 1
@megsridindirty 1
@hamsterjockey 1
@CubsFan1023 1
@KennedyMLB 3
@dirtyberd 0
@LukeJett10 3
@samgazdziak 0
@Austin_Handler 3
@Jhiser01 1
@mrgocubs 3
@cjdubbya 3
@Rob_Willer 1
@_randomfandom 3
@MattDWhitaker 3
@TylerHeff 1
@rushing012 0
@cubsshort5 1
@lafhert 1
@Jatanaka 1
@Sam_Stecher 1
@j0sie95 1
@MightyNooblet 3
@ericlpauly24 1
@Jmarwitz 1
@bamaq23 0
@highfillsteve 0
@zorag 1
@chicagosports91 3
@gohawk_11 1
@danwright10 1
@mundtdog16 1
@justinjarrett 0
@rjastremsky 0
@PatDrosten 0
@WesJameson11 3
@GoCubsGo44 1
@JacobK47 3
@KJCollard 1
@GoFreakingCubs 0
@fantasybteam 0
@coreybaker 0
@AndyCarroll258 1
@jonathanshank 1
@J_Anderson29 1
@rizzimike 1
@ccrowther86 0
@boxofcubs 0
@OneManArmy_10 3
@WrigleyWrapUp 1
@halosbeavpanths 0
@eaborchardt 1
@writer0076 1
@BlakeZ1908 0
@JakeMo42 2
@A_Dunkel 0
@spicycrawdad 0
@zenoknows 3
@spncrpatterson 1
@THEbolstad 3
@sambams1616 0
@bestfriendoug 0
@MaximusMG 0
@Lifeiskillingme7 3
@kjcollard 0

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RIP Gabby; Two years without answers


Two years ago today tragedy struck the Drozdz family.  18-year-old Gabby Drozdz was walking with friends to Alpine Fest along Church Road in Lake Zurich.  If you live around the area like I do, you know that this area is dangerous, it doesn’t have sidewalks, there is no lighting despite it being in a school zone.  However, it is a heavily traveled road especially by foot given it’s location to downtown Lake Zurich.  It sounds like there are improvements that are being fought for so that is good to hear, now on to remembering Gabby, and helping.

This is a story that means a lot to me, I didn’t know Gabby personally, but turns out I know the ones closest to her.  I saw the story when it happened, you couldn’t miss it if you lived in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  As soon as I saw the story I was disturbed by it, how can a person drive their vehicle into other human beings and just keep going?  That’s exactly what happened, Gabby and two of her friends were run down by a faceless driver.  Gabby’s friends made it through okay, however Gabby did not, and her promising life was ripped away.  Then I saw more of the articles coming out in the paper and news stories with comments from her family, that’s when my heart sank.  me gabbyScott Grzelak is Gabby’s brother, he also helped me out by installing a few doors in my house, and is married to my good friend Kristin who I went to High School with and have known since a young age, I was sick to my stomach.  Since this day I have done my absolute best to remember Gabby (picture is of me wearing Gabby’s shirt) and help support the cause to find her killer.

I don’t ask a lot, and I don’t usually use this space for personal posts, but I felt it was necessary today on the two-year anniversary of a day many people I know will never forget to remember Gabby, and given the fact that I can reach a lot of people with said post it’s the least I can do to try and help.  If you feel the urge to help please donate at the link listed below, and visit the site remembering Gabby so you to can understand what a special person she was.  RIP Gabby, I really wish I could have met you.

A $10,000 reward for information leading the arrest of the driver responsible for Drozdz’s death is still available.

If you have any information about this accident, call Lake County CrimeStoppers at 847-662-2222. All tips can remain confidential.

For more information, and to donate to the reward fund, visit  Also, you can support Scott’s local small business Rustic Elements, they feature handmade tables and furniture with a rustic flare.

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