The Cubs Walk Off, it’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

“Un-freaking-believable” … sounds about right.  If you missed the Cubs game this afternoon then you missed an instant classic.  Huge leads by the Cubs evaporated, Gregory Polanco forget how to stand up straight, it was madness.  If you haven’t seen the video yet I’ve included it below, said video has both home and away reaction, just wow.

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LOL, Bye. Rizzo Crushes a Monster Shot (VIDEO)


Anthony Rizzo took a 2-0 fastball and beat the living crap out of it, that’s what you do with a 2-0 fastball.  The Cubs have extended their lead to 7-1 against the Pirates as the game moves to the sixth inning.

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Kris Bryant Smacks a Three-Run Dinger (VIDEO)

Bryant Dinger

Effortless, just puts the bat on the ball, and it’s gone.  Sure the wind is blowing out, but that shows you what kind of power that Kris Bryant has, wow.

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Almora and Hannemann Flash the Leather (VIDEOS)

The Smokies have a rather decent outfield, Albert Almora and Jacob Hannemann patrolling the same outfield has to make a pitcher feel pretty good.  Both guys put on a display last night, the Smokies are a fun group to watch.

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Billy McKinney With His First AA Hit (VIDEO)

A nice piece of two strike hitting from Billy McKinney right there, the 20 year old smacked two doubles in his Tennessee Smokies debut.

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Anthony Rizzo is Smart (VIDEO)

With the Cubs trailing 1-0 in the seventh, Anthony Rizzo made a heady defensive play.  Matt Harvey popped up a sac bunt attempt, and instead of catching it, Rizzo let it drop and turned two because Harvey wasn’t running.  Huge play.

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(Parental Advisory) Kris Bryant, Baseball Explosion! (VIDEO)

You could have been making a baloney sandwich in the other room and that noise would tell you everything you needed to know, BOOM!  Kris Bryant went 3-for-4 tonight with this dinger, a triple, and a walk.  That’s three homers in the last four games for Bryant, look out.

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Javier Baez Destroys a Baseball (VIDEO)

Oh, my.  That was a loud noise, I miss Javier Baez, he’s getting hot.

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Vogelbach Crushes his Fourth Dinger (VIDEO)

Dan Vogelbach is a fantastic hitter, super smart, he can also drive the ball out of the park which is what he did last night.

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Starlin Castro Makes a Bonkers Catch (VIDEO)

Castro Wow

That’s a big one, folks.  If that ball gets into the outfielder then it could be first and second with nobody out in the ninth.  Cubs win, and a big reason is that catch right there.  Bravo, Starlin Castro.

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