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Kris Bryant Crushes HR Number Nine (VIDEO)

This was from last night, holy crap.  That ball was destroyed, and I like it.  He also hit his 10th HR of the season tonight, as soon as I have video, I will post it!

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Kris Bryant Launches HR Number Four! (VIDEO)

So pretty to watch.  Kris Bryant has been having good at bats, finally he was rewarded tonight, boom!

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Kris Bryant Goes Boom! (VIDEO)

So.  Much.  Power.  Kris Bryant absolutely destroyed one tonight, here is the video, enjoy.

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Kris Bryant’s First Smokies HR (VIDEO)

Sorry for the quality, this is the only video of Bryant’s HR from last night that I can find.  Still looking for video from tonight’s HR, and better quality.  Thanks for reading!

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