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Javier Baez with the Exclamation Point (VIDEO)

I’m enjoying Javier Baez right now, refined (as much as possible, I think) approach, better setup at the plate, but still squaring the baseball up.  Baez had three hits today, also drew a walk with the bases loaded, and one of those hits left the ballpark.  It was an 0-2 mistake, and Baez just mashed it.

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Light-Tower Power From Javier Baez, Literally (VIDEO)

Baez Dinger

Javier Baez is crushing the ball, tonight he smashed one off the light tower, prepare yourself Chicago, Baez 2.0 is coming soon.

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Javier Baez is Destroying the Baseball (VIDEO)

Baez Dinger

Another two homer night for Javier Baez as he is knocking down the door to the Major Leagues once again.  Baez has played in 32 games with Iowa this season, and is hitting .325 with seven home runs, and 26 RBI’s.  Not to mention his K rate is now at 27.5% which is way more playable, he’s getting really close to coming back up.


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Javier Baez with a Monster Shot (VIDEO)

Baez Dinger

Javier Baez is on a roll right now, he hit two home runs yesterday and has his average North of .320 for the Iowa Cubs.  Here is video of his second dinger, he’s also taking more pitches, earning walks, the improvement is real.

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Javier Baez Destroys a Baseball (VIDEO)

Oh, my.  That was a loud noise, I miss Javier Baez, he’s getting hot.

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Javier Baez Crushes First Dinger (VIDEO)

Baez Dinger

Welcome back, Javy.  Javier Baez had his best game in Iowa since returning from his leave of absence, it included a bomb.  Only good things can come from him getting hot.

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Spring Training Recap; Three of a Kind, Dingers that is



The Cubs remain without a victory so far this spring, but let’s be honest, today is all about the power showcase that was displayed.  In the 4th inning Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant went back-to-back-to-back, how is that even possible??  Three straight dingers is odd enough, but THOSE three guys doing it when fans were clamoring for just that, crazy.  Travis Wood found too much of the plate today as he surrendered seven hits in just three innings of work while giving up four runs, two earned.  The rest of the Cubs offense started to kick it into high gear today as they pounded out twelve hits, hopefully that is a sign of things to come.  Everyone who pitched today struggled, except for Pierce Johnson, he worked two scoreless innings.





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Back-to-Back-to-Back! (Soler, Baez, Bryant) (VIDEO)

The best possible thing that could have happen today?  Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant go back-to-back-to-back today, wow.  Here is video, adding as they become available, LOUD NOISES!




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GW HR – Javier Baez (1) — (VIDEO)

I’m not going to lie, yesterday was a big day.  For years now, we have talked about Javier Baez, reported on him, traveled to see him, provided live updates of his at bats in Tennessee, Iowa, etc.  Yesterday we watched with all of you as Baez did something to help the Major League team, on the field.  Sure, he’s just one guy, but he signals the next step in this process, and that is something to be truly excited about.

Baez’s Blast

As soon as MLB gets their crap together I will embed.

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Javier Baez Has a Monster Game (VIDEO)

Javier Baez is doing everything the Cubs organization wants him too, and then some.  On Sunday, Baez went nuts, he hit two home runs, and walked twice, and has been showing increased patience at the plate of late.  That coupled with his second half resurgence has many fans ready (more so than usual) for Baez at Wrigley.

The first home run… a laser.

The second home run.. a towering shot.


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